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26 January 2009 @ 08:26 pm
I figured a little cross-posting hurts no one, and there are probably some of you that are still unaware of my move~

07 ☆ big bang (mostly g.d.)
03 ☆ miyazaki aoi
01 ☆ wondergirls (yoobin)
09 ☆ stock
20 ☆ total

HERE @ gaysmax
02 August 2008 @ 09:34 pm
I hate to say this, and after almost four years of being together with this comm, I guess it's time to say goodbye.

Personally, as the person who started everything, I've grown tired of feeling like I'm trapped, while people I've worked together with can conveniently go "Oh hai Alice, I feel like leaving k~" while all I can do is stay here, helplessly caged to this community I built in my own name initially. I felt like all I could do was smile and wish everyone good luck. And I really don't want to have to do that again, not here.

iconsmex will always have a special place in my heart. It was my first, and up until today, my only icon journal, and no matter what, 4-ish years of memories, of happiness, sadness, and ugly old graphics, are irreplaceable.

I, Alice, truly appreciate all of you guys for sticking with me, and my other iconmakers, for however long you have - whether it was from the very beginning when my icons were like texture vomit, or quite recently, when me and regis attacked you with Prince of Tennis icons. Without you guys, I probably would have lost the will to make nice looking icons except maybe LIMS. They're pretty motivating 8D ♥.

So from the bottom of my heart, I would like to say one thing.
thanks for the memories ♥

As regis has mentioned, she's moved on over to tentacleness, so if you were here for her stuff, head on over to watch her there ♥!

And what about me and deliver? We decided to keep it real, and...have some smacking goodtiemz together over at gaysmax, so again, if you're interested in my crap, and Aki's never-ever-posting, then retsu habbu some happy smacking funtiemz ♥

Once again, thank you, and goodbye. It was nice, but I guess we've just gotta go our own ways sometimes. And yes, you did spot a slight HSM2 reference *cough*
22 May 2008 @ 10:37 pm
iconsmex finally has a new profile, with the ugly, halfassed profile header (well...it's not really a header if it's on the side, is it!?) done by me :O. Which has ugly shading, shut up, I know that already, I did it in less than 3 hours, what did you expect? If you'd like to read about how random we really are, that's totally a good place to be XD. And um, I seriously mean random XD;;. The stuff I churned up was mostly about how we like gay things :D;;. And a little bit about our icon-making styles.

A new layout should be coming up soonish, so look out for that too~!

Lastly, I'm kind of running out of nice things to icon, so um, it'd be cool if you could shoot some fandoms (and a link to downloads) up my alley - who knows? I might like it and make massive spam batches of it 8D.....though massive batches isn't really my thing, and those who've been with us since this was just a one-person venture would know that I kind of...switch fandoms at the speed of light :D;;. Consider it a somewhat informal request post? Like...really informal, and it's really more of me requesting YOU guys what you think I should read/watch XD. Preferably read - I don't really have time for animu ;_;