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20 May 2008 @ 11:41 am
Affiliates Post  
It's about time I just scrapped our old ones and redid this shit, and especially since a lot of changes have happened since...forever. To anyone who used to be affiliates with iconsmex and are still interested in affiliating, just apply to be affiliated again, and sorry if this causes massive troubles or anything.

1. Comment here if you're interested in affiliating.
2. Please provide 3 sample icons you'd like to be displayed. If you have more than 3 members in your community, just provide one sample icon of each member.
3. Only personal icon journals/communities will be friended. That is, no fandom or general icon communities, sorry!
4. We are picky people, so if your graphics don't meet our standards, I'm sorry to say that we won't affiliate with you. No hard feelings ♥
5. All comments are screened.

Our samples~! If you need more than 3, just snag random ones from any of our posts :3.

monochroma regis deliver

The following are our beloved affiliates ♥! Hopefully you'll enjoy their icons as much as we do! Affiliates are listed in alphabetical order.

cables » staticlights

amarylis » watermist

aurealia » soifon

colorfulreality » eien_no_kaze

infanzia » aetherae

ohsnape » rainwash

pamahiin » boutique, kerilu, shisaku, harlequins

pantaloons » igloos, parallelpatriot

rumorstyle » univers

xeraes » roxas, oblivion_0